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Hi! just wanted to let you know that, since I couldn't rename this community, I created a new one. You can follow me now on [community profile] jannasims. Thanks ♥

Cute Mix - 8 recolors for the child female top (TS4)

Hi everyone! I've been craving for some nice and fun tops for my little girls. So today I made 8 recolors of the basic sleeveless top for TS4. I hope you like them! :3

Swatches | Download

TS4 - 9 recolors for Squarely Modern sofa

9 recolors for the Squarely Modern sofa! I wanted some crazy patterned sofas in my game, so now you have them too :3 I hope you like them <3
Swatches | Download
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The Salt legacy 1.1

We follow Sally Salt on her daily happenings! This time she meets someone special ;D

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The Salt legacy 1

I'm opening this simming DW with my new legacy! I decided to start a legacy with sims 2, which I have never done before! And I think it's easier to post it here and over at Livejournal because it's easier to read and keep up with that way :3

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This is [community profile] sims3box @ DW. I stopped using LJ so I wanted to recreate the community here! There's a lot of things I need to do before properly using this to post my sims stuff, so please head over to my simblr if you would like to keep an eye at my simming :3