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I'm opening this simming DW with my new legacy! I decided to start a legacy with sims 2, which I have never done before! And I think it's easier to post it here and over at Livejournal because it's easier to read and keep up with that way :3

So this is our legacy founder! Meet Sally Salt. I don't have her stats written down, but I remember she is a Cancer, she is family oriented and her LTW is to have 6 children and I just don't know if that will happen. But we'll see.

Here's her small house by the beach. I'm not really a builder... so sorry! But I wanted to build her a house myself, and even though I'm too noob to do what I initially wanted, I'm happy with the outcome. Horrible to the expert eye, but this will have to do for now :D

She has the bare basics (and no lamps, which I only noticed days after xD)

Sally: I despise whoever got the idea of me going up and down these stairs everytime I go outside! GRRRR.

Ok. Sorry.

Off to a great start, Storm Wolf (a sim I made time ago) was really pissed off by Sally seconds after they started talking. Just because.

Mandatory grilled cheese sandwiches on the way.

Sally: I wish we could base our friendship on conversations rather than this.
Storm: Shh you are ruining it.

First day's over!

Sally joined the architecture career and she seems to really be enjoying her work outfit with so much swag.

I present to you Sally's roommates: plate #1 and plate #2! They shared room for some days before they were properly cleaned out. Ok she had no sink or anything, sue me.

Friendly neighbour, he was so cute.

She may not have sink, but she has a desk and chair with which she can enjoy the free computer everyone and their moms has. But it's a computer after all!

I've got to love Salt's choice of athletic wear. Well, my choice, for that matter.
That neighbour doesn't seem to approve. She's just jealous.

Bonding over sports, better than nothing!

Not you. I love taking pictures of him though.

Cracks me up everytime xD

Somehow she decided the stars weren't correctly in line to fish anymore.

Oh my god she was so tired she spent hours there.

Well, at least she got a little something digging back at home.
Sally: I don't know why I'm doing all of this stuff really.

So sweet, yet so cranky.

But now she has somewhere to put her garbage in! Watch it disappear! I need one of these for my home.

Uh, what's wrong?

Ah, logic is what's wrong. Yeah.

She also started writing a book. I see it becoming a bestseller just by looking at the plot line.

See Sally not being cranky! She got promoted to brick layer. But she's happy with it!

And that's it for now. I hope to post again soon, she's really fun to play with. Thanks for reading <3

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Welcome to my simming DW! My name's Janna, I used to post at LJ, and still do, but I prefer DW so I remade my simming blog here :3 I use this mainly for legacies, while my pic spams or other non long-term things are located over at my simblr. I hope you like my pictures and have fun :D