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We follow Sally Salt on her daily happenings! This time she meets someone special ;D

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I've never seen anyone so happy to receive her bills xD

Look at her, contributing to the development of the city thanks to her money! And she's so happy about it.
Sally:I'm killing someone if the taxes keep rising.

Later that day, she discovered what her hobby was.
Sally: OH, so it was mechanical all this time.

So classy it hurts.

BEHOLD MY AMAZING DECORATING SKILLS! She's so sad because she can't appreciate them. No really, she can't afford anything else at the moment (if you have any suggestions for decor I would be so happy because I've never downloaded any decor for Sims 2, I've played Sims 2 since launch with the minimum CC and it was almost everything body shop stuff like clothes etc :D;;;)

She got a promotion! To Foreman I believe.

In celebration for her promotion, she went to the disco!

Isn't she so charming?


Synchronized "wtf". I think she's on the right track!

Asking for details about his life... they seem to get along well :3
Sally: Tell me more about your cooking skills...

They get along really really well.

I don't know if this is the face of a winner or a loser xD

But anyways! She got a car to repair because that's her hobby and that way she will increase her income and have fun :D

Some after-work... work.

She's also writing that novel from last entry.

I love that operating system. Looks like The Sims Online haha.

It's winter!

Smooth moves there!

So let's just say his name is Calisto, and they like each other a lot. But he seems just as cranky so he wouldn't really spend the night happy so he went home D: But maybe next time :D

Anyway, this entry was shorter and more to the point, but I hope you liked it nonetheless! If you have any comments or suggestions, I'd love to read them! Thanks for reading ♥

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